Web Analytics

All the website owners want to know the traffic on their websites to see the popularity and reach of their business concern. It is one of the most concerning affair in the online business, to see the flow of traffic and check whether they come from the right direction (target audience). Web Analytics is a tool provided by some online companies to the Webmaster which allows them to see the traffic on their website and also gauge how much visitors return to the website in future. In the common language, Web Analytics means measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of the data of the website to understand and optimize for the web usage.

Since Web Analytics actually provide an insight to the website owners about their webpage, it allows them to use it as a business tool to make market strategies after doing research. It can also be helpful to derive the changes actually happened during the period of a web-campaign or print advertisement campaigns done by the company. It is easily measured as it reflects in the changes happened during the period of the advertising and before it. A comparative study of both the periods accumulates the result of the change on the website (in terms of traffic) as it provides the data of the visits, page views (unique and repeated) from the visitors and etc which helps in the market research for the website. Needless to say, there are two types of web analytics; Off-site and On-site web analysis.

Offsite Web Analysis

Offsite web analytics means analysis and measurement of the traffic regardless of whether the website comes under your purview or not. In the offsite web analytics one measures the opportunity, visibility and comments across the internet to get the actually feed of the internet popularity of the subject.

Onsite Web Analysis

The onsite is quite different from offsite web analytics. The onsite web analytics measures a visitor’s journey on the specific website, once he comes on the page. It is mostly comes to help those who own a commercial website which is used to improve the webpage.

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