Web Analysis

For a website, the traffic is the most important aspect which defines the popularity as well as the recognition of the page. Generation of the traffic is one of the most challenging tasks in the hands of many SEO professionals and website owners to drive traffic to a particular website. It needs a strategic and planned procedure keeping the values of the search engine to make it countable. We know about back links technique, we have learned the one way linking and other ways to attract traffic to the websites but there is something which pushes the door to actually tells the SEOs and professionals which tool to choose to increase the traffic. The Web Analysis, for instance means breaking of the complexities of a website into smaller denominations to get a better understanding.

The Web Analysis is a strategic tool, which allows the web development companies to read the online data for business purposes. Until and unless someone knows well about the background of certain subject, he will always find himself helpless in executing his ideas into a profitable product. However, to create and develop a competitive website there are certain aspects that should be analyzed before getting into the act of execution.

First thing first, you need to bring the competitors on your analysis board – analyze the development of the website, page ranking and other aspects to reach on the conclusion that what you will require to beat your competitors in terms of visits, popularity and business. The key subjects to analyze when you reach to your competitors website:

Home Page

Hope Page is what gives a fair idea when you go to a website. See if it conveys about itself to the visitors. Whether the text of the website is easy to read and understand or not? If there is a flash player, look how fast it runs.


Navigation is always a task in hand when one starts creating a website and when you go to analyze the competitor’s website, check how they manage to resolve the issue for the visitors to the website. Is this easy and consistent to get inside without any hassle?

Other basic things that should be taken into consideration while analyzing a webpage are site organization, search and search result, readability, performance and content. The old monk of website SEO Analysis – SEOBricks.com takes care of every minute detail of this business and brings our the best of web analysis to you.

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