Directory Submissions

When we look into the process of building popularity for a website in a competitive environment where a lot of other players are pushing in to get the larger chunk of the business we require a holistic way to get our website popular. But what are the ways, which can really generate desirable results? Directory submission is one of the many tools in the hands of the webmasters to generate desirable traffic to a specific website.

Submitting website to the directories is a profound way for the SEO’s across the world to get the website indexed in the search engines and gets the website the kind of popularity which it wants. This is another way of link building.

There are many things to be considered while choosing a directory to submit your website. First and foremost could be the issue of paid and free directories. It is always advisable to go for the paid directories as they keep the links for longer period than the free directories, which unlike paid directories can any time, remove the link from their directory. It happens quite often; within a year you will find they are nowhere to see. understands the importance of directory submission services and furnishes out its service to you. With the motive to get the largest audience for you, we have created a massive database of directory submission websites. This helps us in submitting your site’s details at maximum places and bring the best customer conversion rate for you.

Directory Submission Services Pricing

We will be submitting your website into high PR directories and into most relevant categories only:

Dir Submission No.              Price       Titles        Description          Period
100 Manual Submissions          $20            2                     1                  1 week
200 Directory Submissions       $40            4                      2                 2 weeks
300 Manual Submissions          $55            6                      3                 3 weeks
500 Directory Submissions       $94           10                     5                 5 weeks
1000 Manual Submissions        $180         20                    10               10 weeks
2000 Manual Directories           $350         40                    20                20 weeks

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What make us different in Directory Submission?

Professional Directry Submission Services by SEO claims to stand out with its services. But, what makes us to do so? This is our professional attitude and planned work-style, which helps us in creating in niche in the genre. Rest is mentioned below: -

=> When we look into the directory, we pay attention to the page rank of the directory and make sure to submit your company’s profile in a directory with better page rank. Better page rank means the directory is largely visited and holds a reputation among the visitors as well as the search engine.

Result – Increased traffic count, better conversion rate, better page rank, better search engine rankings and more profit generation.

- Cost effective service and dedicated submission is another USP. offers Manual Directory Submission to all its clients in India, US, UK and Australia which means no tool or software will be used while submitting your website into web directories.

Result – You get a better, persistent and effective service in a much lower price than market rate.

Hook on for our directory submission service using the request quote form that is endeavored to offer you maximum profit in minimum budgeting.