How to Know Your Website is Banned in Google?

by Anil Agarwal on February 14, 2013

Website banned in googleThere can be situations when Google may temporarily or permanently ban your website from their index database. Normally it happens when your site does not comply with the rules and regulations set by the search engine. There are very stringent guidelines and quality rules by Google and any violation is taken very seriously.

There are a few common signs which can tell you very clearly that the website has been disqualified by Google.

  1. The indexing gets disappeared suddenly: This is one of the most prominent signs that would tell you surely about it. The indexed pages of your website get disappeared suddenly. The only thing is you must ignore it if your website is new. It is very common for new websites when the indexing gets disappear and reappear automatically. However, if your site is fairly old and this phenomenon occurs, then there is surely possibility of banning.
  2. Severe drop in traffic: This is also one of the important symptoms. If you feel that there is a significant decrease in the number of hits on your website, then you must check for banning. It is a well-known fact that Google is the highest used search engine and therefore the drop in the traffic also gets contributed by Google.
  3. Check the cache: We all know that cache helps in displaying the website information in the faster way. If you find that the blog does not show the dates from the past, then it is possible that it is expelled by the Google.

On what basis does Google ban a site?

There are multiple reasons that force Google to do the disciplinary act. As a webmaster you must understand all these probable causes and should never attempt them.

  1. Use of spam or duplicate content: Google is absolutely strict about it. In case there is no improvement seen in spite of repeated warnings, then action is taken by them. There has to be absolute originality and uniqueness of the content and any attempt to use duplicate content will be immediately caught. One thing has to be always remembered that content is the key factor and there is no compromise at all!
  2. Incorrect or unfair SEO techniques: The age old techniques of stuffing keywords in the content and headers would surely invite banning. Google has become very strict about it and introduction of Google Panda and Penguin have made it almost impossible to generate links by using excess keyword stuffing. Now there are altogether different criteria to decide website ranking and therefore these techniques must be avoided.
  3. Hacking of the website: It is one of the most common reasons when you would face banning from Google. Hacking or malware would be detected immediately by Google and lead to immediate de-indexing of your website. Resolving the problem and requesting for getting it removed from de-index list could help. It is always recommended that the website must have sufficient safety measures so that hackers can’t make successful attempt.
  4. Violation of DMCA laws: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA law violation can be considered very seriously and Google removes the site from the search resultant set. Correcting the problem and requesting for re-indexing can make it reappear in the search results.
  5. Going for a domain that is already blacklisted: There can be a possibility that you have opted for a domain that is already forbidden by the Google. There is no escape in this situation and your site would be immediately disqualified. It has to be communicated and convinced to Google that you have recently purchased it and you are not aware about the history. Be fully aware about the domain and get complete information before making the decision to buy it.
  6. Losing some links accidently: There might be a possibility that your website loses a few links with good page rank. It would drop the overall rank significantly. Check the links properly so that good ranking can be managed properly. In general, Google alerts the webmasters regarding the future consequences of banning the website. If required measures are taken in time and Google sense the corrective actions, then they can reconsider it and with subsequent re-indexing, your website may reappear in the search results. Usually the first step is taken to reduce the ranking in the search engine. Pages may still appear in the search result, but they may not appear in the top results. This is the first sign that your site has some quality issues. It is recommended looking into the root cause at this moment so that future actions can be avoided.

Facing a hard decision of banning from Google can be really frustrating, but actually there is no need to get frustrated. It is required to take corrective measures quickly and you would recover from the situation quickly.

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