How to Improve Alexa Rankings for Your Website

by Anil Agarwal on February 13, 2013

Improve Alexa RankingsPeople spend years to build a good looking website and then to optimize it, but often end up frustrated when they notice that their site’s Alexa ranking is not as anticipated. If all their work has only put the website amongst million others, don’t you think the site is not one tenth of its worth? Alexa positions websites according to the number of visitors dropping at each of them. Therefore, it is vital that all the efforts in upgrading the Alexa rank should primarily focus on driving genuine visitors. If you too are a webmaster and are starved of a high Alexa rank, tips shared here in the form of well demonstrated strategies are predestined to benefit your site in this respect.

  • Most of the information shared here, by way of techniques to be implemented, addresses the basic aspects of Alexa optimization. These techniques are straight from horse’s mouth, the SEO geeks, who themselves have used them.
  • First and foremost, if you don’t have the Alexa toolbar, you should do it now. This is because Alexa rank relies upon those visitors who have this toolbar. The Alexa toolbar is also a handy tool to track the ranking vis-à-vis yours or others’ sites.
  • Intending to drive traffic from remote sources, whenever you create hyperlinks to your website, you must use a corresponding Alexa redirect URL. Look at it this way! If you want link your website from somewhere, you must employ the redirect command.
  • Always persuade the visitors to help your website to include in Alexa’s detailed listing by way of their constructive experiences. For this, they will simply have to place a link to apposite Alexa page on your site. You should also ask the visitors to use ‘website rating option’ so that the impact is double and promotion of your website manifolds. Here again, you can offer them a URL which takes them to the detailed rating page, where they find a review link in left corner. This is where they can leave a positive remark or comment.
  • In order to climb high in Alexa, you should involve in some self promotional stuff. A fertile idea for this purpose is to write and publish site’s appraisal on topnotch Alexa sites and concur the content with redirect URLs. The firsthand job you will need here is to choose hundred sites out of some 500 Alexa rated sites.
  • Include Alexa ranking box at a noticeable place on the most trafficked page of your website. You can choose to place it on extreme top or bottom. You can also include other traffic indicators such as info links and the traffic history graph. Now a catch here is that Alexa’s history does not comprise of sites that are below its top 100000 and hence your site will not be anywhere on it if it is yet not liable to be listed here. In this condition, traffic history graph is not advisable to be placed on your site.
  • Some search engine resources like ExactSeek do wonders in helping you trigger the Alexa rank. As a matter of fact, every top website in ExactSeek will more than not be placed high in Alexa too. You can get a live demonstration of this by randomly selecting and finding an ad over ExactSeek.
  • Another prolific online resource is DMOZ, the largest web based directory that is updated through human hands. When you place your free listing on DMOZ, you amazingly get listed at infinite other search engines. However, your site may take some months to get listed. But because this is a proven technique, you cannot complain that it is taking so long in listing, nor can you be impatient.

Besides these simple to adopt strategies, there is vast other insight that is conducive for a good Alexa rank. So as to improve your website positioning, you must be doing everything desirable.

A significant aspect to keep in mind is that unlike SEO tools used for a good Google rank – where all you want form the internet users is to come to your site’s homepage, you actually encourage visitors to favour your website by interacting in multiple ways – whether by way of commenting, posting reviews, or other things of that sort. When targeting Alexa rank, your site’s homepage must be optimized. This is a better approach to SEO and in offering visitors an operational simplicity. Generating a user friendly experience is directly proportional to convince the visitors drop at your site every now and then, and keep them hung on for long.

When you are well aware of these tips and strategies, you can ascertain they are implemented right from the day your website’s homepage is getting designed. Such a proactive approach will eventually lessen the hard work later on and make the site well directed to gain a top Alexa rank.

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