How to Choose the Right Keywords for Your Business Website

by Praveen Rao on February 19, 2013

Keyword ResearchYou must have heard a lot about the importance of keywords in context to website optimization. They are instrumental in putting your website in the top search results and incorrect or inappropriate keywords could hamper it largely. Search engines depend highly on keywords. There is a complete theory behind it and you need to know very clearly what would be the right set of keywords for you. They are the basic building blocks of a website and therefore require a deep analysis and thought process. Since they could be a ‘make or break’ element in the search engine optimization process so require keen attention.

Why keywords are so important?

Keywords are like the torchbearers that would bring people to the right destination. Whenever anybody wants to search anything on the web, the first step is to type required keywords in the search window. Search engines use them to extract the most relevant pages from the ocean of information available over the web and it is actually the most challenging part. Websites are ranked on the basis of their visibility and accessibility. This ranking is used to place it in the proper hierarchy in the search results. Now you can understand that it is a vicious circle. Your website has to be higher ranked to get higher place in the search result and it again depends on how frequently your website is getting hits.

This factor underlines the utility and importance of keywords. Have a careful and wise selection of perfect keywords or key phrases and you have won half of the battle. However, there is a word of caution for you! There are some incidents when websites are optimized to the keywords that are either not competitive or they are never been searched by the people. These keywords might rank your website higher, but you would seldom get any traffic. This is an important aspect and you must have a detailed analysis and researches of popular phrases related to your business that people are searching the most.

How to select the most appropriate keywords?

The first step in the selection process of the most appropriate keywords is to decide the right target addressees and what is the key focus of your website? List down a few related keywords or phrases you think people would offer to the search engines. These keywords may be one word to three words length and related to the key topic of the website. For example, your holiday resort website might have keywords like ‘travel holiday’, ‘travel holiday resort’ or ‘holiday resort’ because all these are somewhat related and relevant. You have to be a little bit creative and imaginative to think about it. There is a thumb rule that says a keyword has to be with two to three words in order to generate more targeted traffic, although the total number of visitors may be less. Experts say that these will definitely visit your web pages.

It is always advisable to have multiple word keywords because they not only increase the chance of high ranking, but ensure that you have very less competition on the search engine. There is another distinct advantage of getting most relevant and related traffic to your website. There are a few key factors that would help you in selecting the best set of keywords for the website.

  • The more is better: Always go for a three to four words key phrase. This would make it closer to the content of your website and increases the probability of get searched.
  • To be specific: The keyword has to be more specific and relevant to your website. It should be as close as possible to the content and has to be extremely unambiguous. Avoid all generic terms and words.
  • Create a ‘keyword portfolio’: A Keyword portfolio is a set of keywords with close reference and relevance to the website content.
  • Research is important: Do extensive research to zero down on more relevant keywords. This will yield good results and efficiency in the whole process.
  • Leverage the technology: Take help of tools to determine the right set of keywords. There are various options available on the internet to suggest you the most relevant keywords. Apply your intelligence to make the selection more meaningful.

Selecting the right keywords is a methodical process and requires a lot of patience and time. It is very important to study the competitive websites, do a thorough analysis and understand the importance and relevance of various keywords related to the topic. Extracting the best out of them is surely a tough task, but with a systematic and dedicated approach you can surely boil down to the most specific and significant keywords. They are really crucial for the success of your website and therefore need to give utmost attention!

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