10 Themes Worth Mentioning for WordPress Blogs

by Anil Agarwal on May 3, 2011

Wordpress ThemesWordPress themes have gone greatly since WordPress was first launched in the World Wide Web. Themes come in a form of a wide set of diary-like templates. WordPress has just crooked into the web’s most prevailing CMS model with more alluring features, advanced plugins and flexible modules and brilliant ideas. Today, with a bunch of WordPress themes available free and while some others are premium, it’s good to say that easy for you to have and manipulate WordPress blogs as a base platform. We‘re now open to craft anything we want, modify it for our needs and of course optimize it for most excellent user-experience.

With this list, you will never end up of having no ideas with my top picked, finest WordPress themes.

1. WooThemes

WooThemes are composed of beautiful and a very functional themes. Their huge range of customizations is just outstanding, giving you more control on the look and sense of the theme without having to excavate into the theme editor. All WooThemes run on the same solid code framework, which makes it simple to setup in terms of SEO and extra functionality. Their themes are also updated and fresh for they added new themes monthly.

2. BlogOHBlog

BlogOHBlog perhaps is one of the great sources of Free WordPress Themes that keeps on producing quality themes till today. You can do some simple WordPress customizations with its themes. Even if you don’t use it for customized WordPress work, you should still check out this popular Free WordPress Themes.

3. EZ WP Themes

Maybe this WordPress Themes would best for you. If you want themes that really artistic, graphically designed, and just all-around exclusively styled WordPress Theme, you will absolutely want to check out with EZ WP Themes. They are much updated releasing 5-10 new free themes every month. What makes their themes different is the look of their designs that separate them from the usual theme design.

4. New WP Themes

New WP Themes is such an impressive collection of WordPress themes. They don’t only release a free theme every day; the designs of the themes have also a professional look. New WP Themes is definitely having a good equilibrium between high volume releases and good looking designs. That factor makes them with a “wow” factor.

5. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is considered as the highest quality Premium WordPress Themes that stand still today. They come at the complete cheapest price compared to some affordable themes. This is really best describing of the customer who get the better end of the good deal. Most individual premium themes could cost you $40 to $100 per themes or otherwise, but with Elegant Themes you can download all of the premium themes because you’re paying for the membership not for a single theme.

6. Theme Forest

Theme Forest is so powerful because this is the only “marketplace” of themes where WordPress developers could able to come together and make public their works, giving us as customers the possibility to sort through hundreds and thousands of diverse themes. To tell you there is no place on the Internet with more varied arrays of high-quality Premium WordPress Themes at such an affordable prices.

7. WPThemeLand

This theme is really worth mentioning for this was created to offer a diversity of high quality free wordpress themes. If you use their themes you will never find encrypted scrap sponsor links in your themes. All of WPThemeLand themes are unique, widget-ready and vigorous code-base to sustain your blog. In addition to that all of the designed themes found in their theme designs are free to use under the creative commons license.

8. WP Theme Designer

WP Theme Designer a lot of high-quality free WordPress Themes to compete with the other wordpress themes providers too. Their goal is to produce an active community on the web of WordPress fanatics that are focused on bringing dazzling WordPress themes for a low-priced membership price. Once you become a member you can start creating brilliant WordPress sites with their themes.

9. PremiumWP

WordPress is really fantastic having the ease-of-use as well as the abundance of themes and plugins that add to the attraction and fame for using WordPress. While there are enormous free themes for WordPress around, PremiumWp offers only advanced, functional, and incredible, and artistic designs. An additional to that is their providence with free WordPress themes without dodgy links and malicious codes.

10. WordPress Theme Base

WordPress Theme Base is an experienced theme provider that produces only good free WordPress themes and WordPress templates that are in great demand. Their collection holds a great number of free WordPress themes that are accessible to many blog engines. WordPress Theme Base also gives obvious benefits such as ease in usage and setup, suppleness with great options of plugins.

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