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Best Hunting Story 2018

Now this thing that's web one of the things I love about being in Missouri is that very wide variety of big spiders they have AI we're at one of our training facilities today now recently I did a presentation on my top five guns for deer hunting and that led to some people asking me if I had any advice on how to be a more successful deer hunter so here we are so today I'm gonna give you my top five pieces of advice on how to be a more successful deer hunter why top five because people seem to love top five lists and because I only know five things about deer hunting so let me tell you number one and that is hunt deer where there is deer go where the deer are now that might seem a little obvious but I can tell you when I was a kid I went deer hunting and I probably hunted seven seasons before I got my first deer and that was partially because I didn't know anything about deer hunting and that's partially because there were very few deer in the area now we can debate…

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